category: swing
folder: TreeLineColor
title: JTreeのノード間の接続線の色を変更する
tags: [JTree, LookAndFeel, UIManager, BasicStroke]
author: aterai
pubdate: 2017-07-03T14:32:43+09:00
description: JTreeのノード間の接続線の色、太さなどを変更します。
image: https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1btj2ocoJQdwg8t8Smv1O29xUUFsfjbR5zA
* 概要 [#summary]


* サンプルコード [#sourcecode]
UIManager.put("Tree.paintLines", Boolean.TRUE);
UIManager.put("Tree.lineTypeDashed", Boolean.TRUE);
UIManager.put("Tree.line", Color.GREEN);
UIManager.put("Tree.hash", Color.RED);

JTree tree0 = new JTree();

JTree tree1 = new JTree();
tree1.putClientProperty("JTree.lineStyle", "Horizontal");

JTree tree2 = new JTree();
tree2.setUI(new BasicTreeUI() {
  private final Stroke horizontalLine = new BasicStroke(2f);
  private final Stroke verticalLine = new BasicStroke(5f);

  @Override public Color getHashColor() {
    return Color.BLUE;

  @Override protected void paintHorizontalPartOfLeg(
      Graphics g, Rectangle clipBounds, Insets insets,
      Rectangle bounds, TreePath path, int row,
      boolean isExpanded, boolean hasBeenExpanded, boolean isLeaf) {
    Graphics2D g2 = (Graphics2D) g.create();
        g2, clipBounds, insets, bounds, path, row,
        isExpanded, hasBeenExpanded, isLeaf);

  @Override protected void paintVerticalPartOfLeg(
      Graphics g, Rectangle clipBounds, Insets insets, TreePath path) {
    Graphics2D g2 = (Graphics2D) g.create();
    super.paintVerticalPartOfLeg(g2, clipBounds, insets, path);

* 解説 [#explanation]
- 左: `lineTypeDashed`
-- `UIManager.put("Tree.lineTypeDashed", Boolean.TRUE)`を設定して接続線を点線に変更
-- `UIManager.put("Tree.hash", Color.RED)`で線色を変更可能
- 中: `lineStyle`
-- `tree1.putClientProperty("JTree.lineStyle", "Horizontal")`を設定して親ノードの上下に水平線を表示するスタイルに変更
--- 参考: [[JTreeのノード間の接続線のスタイルを変更する>Swing/TreeLineStyle]]
-- `UIManager.put("Tree.line", Color.GREEN)`で水平線の線色を変更可能
--- 接続線の線色には影響しない
- 右: `BasicTreeUI`
-- `BasicTreeUI#paintHorizontalPartOfLeg(...)`、`BasicTreeUI#paintVerticalPartOfLeg(...)`をオーバーライドして、接続線の太さを変更
-- 接続線の色は`BasicTreeUI#getHashColor()`をオーバーライドして変更
-- `UIManager.put("Tree.lineTypeDashed", Boolean.TRUE)`の場合`Graphics2D#setStroke(...)`の設定が無効になる場合がある?
-- `BasicTreeUI`は点線の描画に`BasicStroke`を使用せず以下のように`1px`の線を描画しているため?
// This method is slow -- revisit when Java2D is ready.
// assumes y1 <= y2
protected void drawDashedVerticalLine(Graphics g, int x, int y1, int y2) {
protected void drawDashedVerticalLine(
    Graphics g, int x, int y1, int y2) {
  // Drawing only even coordinates helps join line segments so they
  // appear as one line.  This can be defeated by translating the
  // Graphics by an odd amount.
  y1 += (y1 % 2);
  for (int y = y1; y <= y2; y+=2) {
    g.drawLine(x, y, x, y);

* 参考リンク [#reference]
- [[JTreeのノード間の接続線のスタイルを変更する>Swing/TreeLineStyle]]

* コメント [#comment]